Friday, March 13, 2009

Lambing Time !

This is Alfalfa & Sweetpea nibbling away at hay in their stall in the barn.The picture is from last year.Sweetpea is expecting and should bring forth twins, I suspect, very soon.If you raise sheep, I would recommend 2 wonderful books: 1) RAISING SHEEP THE MODERN WAY~Paula Simmons (2)MANAGING YOUR EWE and her newborn lamb ~Laura Lawson. Two terrific books .If you have never raised sheep but think you might like to try it, I highly recommend it. They will mow your lawn for you and will not be as destructive as goats (although I love my 2 Nubian goats!) ( Goats will eat your weeds)Here's how it all started. Two years ago I went to the Fair alone~~ without my husband (always a mistake to be on my own!) I love the agricultural buildings and went to visit the lambs & goats.IRRESISTABLE!! I got into a long & wonderful conversation with a 'sheepster & lambster' and decided my husband needed a NEW lawn mower that didn't require gasoline. One that would refertilize the fields.One that would give us wooly sweaters & socks & hats.The investment didn't stop there.I bought carding brushes for their wool management,then a Border Collie (he's a WHOLE other story!) that I thought was a must in sheep management! (haha!)

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