Friday, March 6, 2009

This is a picture of my maternal great grandparents~ Peter & Rosemary (McTague) Burns of Larksville( or Plymouth) Pa. During the 1900 census they lived at 61 Eno St., Plymouth,Pa. They lived on 22 West Railroad St. later when the 1910 census was taken.Peter Burns was from Ireland and stated in the 1900/1910/1920 Census that he came to the US in 1869/1865/1870. Often these dates are at the hands of an enumerator and usually the earliest census date is the most accurate.
Rosemary was born in March 1860 in Pennsylvania .Peter was born in Nov.1847 and came over from Ireland in 1869 .(He was a cobbler & if you've ever been thru the Holland Tunnel on Canal St, down by the Battery in NYC, he was part of the crew that laid the grey brickwork on the road there.It sure lasted a heck of a lot longer than any blacktop I've driven over.Peter Burns was Scotch Irish & a cousin to Robert Burns , "Bobby",the poet. Grandpap Burns had an Uncle who owned a shipyard back in Ireland (or maybe Scotland??) & he became part inheritor after the uncle died, having no children of his own. Grandpap said ,"No!", to the inheritance.He had no part in the building or labour of it, therefore he would accept no inheritance from it. You don't see that kind of character around anymore.'What can I get for nothin' ?" is the character of far too many in the general population today, but then, always has been.The prisons are filled with people that arrived there because they wanted something that was not theirs.


  1. The comment below was sent to me by Charlotte Burns, great grandaughter of Peter & Rosemary Burns"

    "Peter Burns was from Antrim County (Belfast). He must have converted when he and his sister, Elizabeth, came from Ireland. There were rumors that he "jumped ship in NYC" but I found out from his granddaughter that they were paying customers! I did research at Trinity College in Dublin but found no records of Peter's baptism which leads me to believe he was not Catholic. He had two wives. of which Rose McTague was the second. His first union (Mary Kellogg) produced only one child, Edward.

    I have a history of stuff I culled from speaking with Ann Keif before she died, and research done in Ireland. If I ever lay my hands on it again, I'll send it to you."

    Thank you Charlotte!

  2. I have a picture of his sister Elizabeth!
    Also, I have 1 of Anna Burns Lewis & Billy Lewis, her husband.I think Anna was Maggie Burns McCue's Sister? Does anybody know?
    I have a picture of Uncle Danny Burns (Peter & Rose's son) in his Cavalry uniform and later in life.If I could only fix this scanner!!

    Anyone else have pics they can share?