Sunday, March 29, 2009

Outhouse Treasures

These are backyard pictures you'll rarely see again~ a string of backhouses,single seaters & double seaters.
Below is my cousin Gerry happily displaying his brother Bobby with the two family duplex outhouse as a backdrop.To the left was a single seater & to the right a double seater for my grandmother's side of the family.With 10 kids , two could be seated to keep lines to a minimum.Moms could also train their little ones by example! There was a plum tree that hovered over Grandma's backhouse.My brothers & I thought what a fine idea it would be climbing that tree & lounging on its' limbs eating plums all daylong. All evening we made mad dashes with bellies growling ~ one seater, two seater,who cares!!! move over I gotta go !!!
Backhouses were also great recreational toys for 3 year old cousins (Mark) who thought,"What will happen if I throw this yellow kitten down this hole?" Luckily for the kitten, it landed on a rock & clung to its' precipice mewing pathetically.Uncle Tom just happened to have a broom & quickly rescued the poor poopy cat clinging wild-eyed to its bristles while we kids all cheered as he was resurrected to the light of day.Grandma was ready with a pail of warm soapy water ,dropped the broom & stinky kitty in & quickly covered the top with a screen. Now the cat really had something to fear as Grandma tossed him back & forth & agitated him round & round.The kitten fianally took off running into the bushes ,once freed, and was never seen again.

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