Monday, March 30, 2009

A Newspaper clipping from the Sunday Independant Newspaper in Luzerne County dated 1950:

"Larksville borough is having stripping troubles and real dangers from one end to the other.
It was one extreme at the western end of the borough, bzck of Plymouth, where huge power shovels were practically digging the foundations of homes right out from under them.
Then towards the east, near Courtdale, the people themselves were being threatened.Heavy blasts from the stripping operations there tossed big rocks long distances and with enough velocity to smash right through the roofs of houses.
The picture at the left, showing a power shovel rapidly digging its way into the front yards of two homes on Carver street,tells one story.
The street itself has already been dug through and its use as a thoroughfare eliminated.At far left a truck is shown going right under where the street used to be.

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