Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Many Cabbages ?

A few years ago, i walked into the little market where I buy almost anything I need~ from the local newspaper or a gallon of milk to baloney skins for stuffing, 50# bags of carrots ,canning jar lids,a wooden ladder (name the size~we got it!),local eggs,a side of beef or whole steer,an entire butchered pig,hog casings to stuff my sausage,Christmas trees & wreaths,flowers for mothers day,a child's desk from the 1930's,lard presses,kerosene lamps,wheel cheeses,enough seed to sow 5 acres of corn,bushels of apples, tomatoes,red beets,corn on the cob,pears,peaches~~~~ all to be found in a village store the size of a 2 car garage!
One day I stopped in there to get some cider & a few other things. I said, "Yeah, maybe I'll get some cabbage too". The owner said, "How many do you want- ten?" I was shocked! "TEN?? !!", I said "What would I do with ten?" The cabbages were the size of beachballs!.. He said "Don't you make your own sauerkraut?? EVERYBODY up here makes their own sauerkraut!!" Well~~ this FLATLANDER has just as much mud on her boots as any mountain woman up here, so I said "SURE!!! GIMME TEN!!" and I proceeded to get the recipe for "HOW TO MAKE SAUERKRAUT" that I gave you below. Consider yourself lucky!

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